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For wellness of being

What is Breathwork? 

Breathwork is focused intentional breathing of various techniques that promote stress reduction, relaxation and well-being. 

What are the benefits?

  • Stress Reduction

  • Improved Mental Clarity & Focus

  • Increased Mindfulness

  • Relaxation

  • Emotional Stability

  • Potential improvement in respiratory function

  • Tool for managing anxiety

How can I experience this?

Group classes are 60 minutes and include: guided meditation, musical journey and (optional) vocal release exploration.

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One on One Private Breathwork can range between 1hour - 3hour sessions and include a more in-depth, focused experience. 

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Online in the privacy of your own home at your leisure. 

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Breathe Wider into the World! 

Discover the beauty & power of breathwork in a group setting, by creating the feeling of community and support, which expands the result of collective action into positive energy!



How building teamwork wellness into your company furthers your business:

Breathwork can benefit your team by promoting stress management, enhancing focus and foster in a positive work environment. By offering a workshop by The Lights Path, you can improve team cohesion, communication and overall well-being while potentially leading to increased productivity & job satisfaction. Why not take your status to "Fortune's Top 100 Best Companies to Work For ? "

Girls at Bachelorette Party

Special Events

Make it memorable by adding a unique, fun & nourishing experience:


Take your ladies night, bachelor/ette, Spa parties, Birthday, Tea parties, ceremony, gatherings, etc. to a whole new wellness level! In a social setting, breathwork can serve as a unique experience and be a refreshing new activity. It can help you and your guests relax, reduce any tension and create a more positive and enjoyable atmosphere providing a shared experience of connection.

Serene Yoga Studio

Yoga/Wellness Studios

How deepening the experience attracts more clients to your studio:


Ché & her team offers a unique experience that attracts a broader audience and supports a comprehensive well-being experience for practitioners. Breathwork not only compliments to the holisitic approach but also enhances mind-body awareness, deepening the practice and provides additional tools for stress reduction and relaxation.

Why I want to bring this profound work to corporate businesses, private events & yoga/wellness studios: 

Our Clients Say

"The breath work session with Ché at The Lights Path was a very potent experience for me.


Through her gentle guidance and my own breath, I moved through an emotional clearing that is still rippling throughout my life. I didn't know my own breath could unlock and move so much energy in just a 2 hour span of time! I am forever grateful to the wisdom Ché channels through her practice and I can't wait for another session to explore more of myself and my breath that is always available to me.  A breath of fresh air indeed! ”

- Jordan Hansell, Musician

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

2023 Schedule 

November 25 : 

November 3 :

December 7 : 

December 16 : 

2024 (TBA) - Open for Booking 

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