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Tobacco Ceremony


Tobacco, revered as a universal medicine in the Amazon, holds a significant role in indigenous cultures, where it's viewed as a teacher guiding cosmic knowledge and spiritual realms. Known affectionately as "The grandfather of all plants," Tobacco symbolizes blessings and protection. In indigenous beliefs, plant spirits, including Tobacco, impart wisdom on living harmoniously with oneself and nature, helping individuals recognize their true selves and understand their connection to the world. Traditional healers use Tobacco for physical and energetic cleansing, prophetic dreams, and to fortify and balance the energetic body.


In various creation myths, Tobacco emerges as a sacred plant, deeply interwoven with the fabric of existence. It is described as a thin, skeletal figure adorned with ancestral bones, embodying the memories of creation. Tobacco ceremonies, involving smoking, inhaling, or chewing Nicotiana rustica, induce grounding experiences, facilitating lucid dreaming and energetic purging. The plant's purgative properties cleanse the body physically, emotionally, and energetically, offering clarity and insight into life's complexities.


Nicotiana rustica, a potent variety cultivated for millennia in the Amazon, differs from commercial tobacco, devoid of chemicals and additives. When consumed in ceremony, Tobacco clears the blood, intestines, stomach, and sinuses, purges emotional patterns and beliefs, and opens energetic blockages, allowing energy to flow freely within the body.


Tobacco ceremonies require preparation and caution, with participants advised to abstain from certain substances and activities before the ceremony for optimal results. During the ceremony, a light diet and hydration are recommended, alongside a willingness to surrender to the healing process. Through honoring Tobacco's sacred nature and embracing its teachings, participants can undergo profound transformations, gaining clarity, healing, and a deeper connection to themselves and the world.


These plants serve as medicine, offering physical and mental healing while embodying the essence of life itself. Through a ceremonial bond, they intertwine with our existence, connecting our energies, consciousness, and spirits. Although initially challenging to comprehend, working with these plants provides a profound understanding that transcends debate. While modern research is beginning to explore their mechanisms, the intricacies may surpass our intellectual grasp, residing in the realm of the 'Great Mystery'. Engaging with these plants has the potential to bring us closer to our truest selves, fostering inner growth and enlightenment.


Before participating, it's essential to inquire about these plants, conduct thorough research, and approach the experience with an open heart and mind, along with respect, humility, and honor. The ceremony is a rigorous undertaking that tests one's strength, endurance, patience, and beliefs, ultimately leading to inner transformation. Each ceremony is unique, challenging participants physically and inducing various bodily releases and mental experiences. Despite the overwhelming nature of the experience, trusting in the process and surrendering to the moment allows for profound insights and personal growth.


Ceremonies typically commence at night, with participants gathering in a cleared space to partake in the plant medicine ritual. The length and dynamics of the ceremony vary based on the number of participants, with everyone encouraged to spend the night for a full integration of the experience. Following the ceremony, participants can share their experiences, and guidance is available for personal reflection. For those interested in participating, subscription options are available to receive updates on upcoming ceremonies.


Preparation for the ceremony involves adhering to dietary and lifestyle restrictions, such as following a specific diet, abstaining from sex and drugs, and engaging in inward reflection. Practical considerations include wearing comfortable clothes, bringing essential items like water, blankets, and tissues, and refraining from wearing perfumes or colognes to respect heightened senses during the ceremony.

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The tutelage of



"My name is Ernesto Garcia-Torres. I am from the Tiger River. My work specializes with tobacco. Humanly a lot of people call me master but I don’t accept this word. Ernesto is a guide in this world.
And so I have my students, a lot of foreigners that are in different parts of the world that are prepared to give these dietas - these healings with tobacco. These diets need to be given by a teacher, who knows, who understands. 
So a person needs to be very careful. The field of healing medicine is very good but if neither of the people are prepared, they won’t be able to manage the diet well. We as Peruvians ancestrally or traditionally, have had many natural medicines and they have only been used by people who know the plants, as well as their preparation and dosages. These are our roots.
Apart from being curanderos, in the spiritual world, my students are the cosmic connection that helps the earth. Why? Because the earth realm is very desperate and is upset with the actions of humans. If the humans don’t put a stop to this, we are headed towards destruction. And for this reason, I’m giving [my students] the medicine because each one that holds this medicine is an energetic light in the earthly world. And when they go back to their countries, they bring with them a spiritual light which will help their family and many other people.”

- Ernesto Garcia-Torres 

Transcript excerpt from "Plant Dietas"

Who is Ernesto Garcia-Torres?


Ernesto Garcia-Torres is a world-renowned Peruvian-mestizo (mixed descent) Tobacco-Curandero Healer of the Mamancunawa lineage, including 37 years of clinical experience. His four grandparents were originally from Peruvian, Colombian, Ecuadorian, and Brazilian Amazonian areas, respectively. Born at the banks of the Peruvian Río Tigre (Loreto Province). He was raised by his maternal grandparents who were traditional healers and farmers. Ernesto began his training at an early age, formally training at 8 years old. At 12 years old, he discovered his calling to specialize as a Tabaquero after his tobacco medicine initiation through his grandfather. By the age of 15, he began regularly attending to patients but continued to develop his knowledge & skill in the field of healing & tobacco-based treatments throughout his life with other Amazonian healers other than his grandparents. He progressively attained expert status in the field of tobacco and the reputation of a Maestro, a highly esteemed Amazonian healer. Today he continues his work and treats local, regional, national and international patients in the scope of individual retreat- like treatments and occasional group-work.

Che's Story....

Stay tuned for my story on how the plants FOUND ME. 

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