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About Ché

Sheryl Ashley who is also known as Ché is a Psychospiritual Life Coach, a sacred plant medicine Traditional Healer, Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Death Doula and a Tabaquera Curandera - (tobacco shaman). She began her training 8 years ago in the Amazon Jungles of Peru under the Shipibo-konibo tradition and shortly after, devoted her training to the Mamankunawa lineage under the tutelage of Master Tobaquero (one who heals with tobacco as medicine) Ernesto Garcia-Torres. Throughout the course of her apprenticeship with master plants & trees, the healing path not only flourished and deepened her practice & abilities but her devout presence to connect to the divine as a clear channel & humble, hollow bone.

Ché comes from a long line of healers from her bloodline of Filipino, French, English/Irish & Native American ancestors. Sacred Batok (traditional tattoos) patterns have been ceremonially hand tapped into her body, marking her as a leader & healer in the ancient tradition of the Visayan people.


Ché is also a Psychedelic Integration Specialist, who helps individuals to process and make sense of experiences induced by psychedlic subtances. The aim is to integrate insights gained during these experiences into one's everyday life for personal growth and well-being. Ché helps individuals to explore and understand the thoughts, emotions & perceptions that may arise. These related avenues of works have inspired her to bridge the healings that take place from one circle, out into the next so that all may have the opportunity to "know our true nature" and explore the mysteries of our inner/outer universe.


Her coaching work is based in a transpersonal approach of Psychosynthesis, that focuses on personal growth & development "synthesizing" the many aspects of the human experience including the spiritual, emotional, cognitive and the physical. With 15 years of experience in the healing arts, those with existential concerns, desires to learn more about themselves and connect deeper with their environment may benefit from this particular avenue of coaching as well as those who are in need of post-integration from plant-based psychedelics may benefit from her in-depth experience & understanding of the 'other side'. 


Ché is deeply honored to be in service for the healing of us all, this planet & as an accompaniment to life, breath, death & beyond.

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“ The breathwork session with Ché at The Lights Path was a very potent experience for me. Through her gentle guidance and my own breath, I moved through an emotional clearing that is still rippling throughout my life.

 I didn't know my own breath could unlock and move so much energy in just a 2 hour span of time! I am forever grateful to the wisdom Ché channels through her practice and I cant wait for another session to explore more of myself and my breath that is always available to me.  A breath of fresh air indeed! ”

- Jordan Hansell, Musician

" Ever since the quarantine and Covid19, I found myself a lot more stressed and having a lot of anxiety and moments where it feels like Im going to have a panic attack. My anxiety about the future and the state of the world was beginning to be too overwhelming for me. I was recommended by a friend to see Che for a spiritual counseling session. I had no idea what to expect out of our meeting but for some reason I immediately started to feel a sense of clarity and calmness from her presence. She asked me really good questions about what I was feeling and felt open & safe to explore what might be going on for me. I then signed up for the breathing sessions & it was like layers of weight lifting off. "       - Yvette McKenzie, college student

" I received my first ever Integration Breath work session with Ché.  This was a very different experience than other Healing modalities in that it was co-active. Ché led me through movement as well as varied breathing patterns, all of which induced noticeable physiological changes in my brain/body. I became hyper aware of the sensations arising, buzzing energy lighting up different areas within.


It was a very somatic experience in that subtle energies shifted like a pinball within my body. With the assistance of her hands on gentle touch,  places of sticky sensations were relieved by this restored flow of prana. I felt high, elated, energized and excited afterwards.  Ché is a multifaceted intuitive healer who has dedicated many years to her path. I highly recommend working with her! "

- Tristan St.Germain, CI Practitioner & Movement Medicine Facilitator
“ Ché was my birth doula 5 years ago during my first  pregnancy. She showed up early in the morning and stayed with us the 32 hours of my labor. She was calming and really attentive, I felt very well cared for. I would recommend her as a loving and supportive care taker. I am really grateful for the support she offered and continues to offer this world.”
- Ivy Elwyn, Mother & Clothing Designer

" Ché is incredibly adept and loving. She holds a safe container for profoundly deep healing. The depth of compassion and love I experienced in the ceremonies was beyond words, and the healing I experienced continues to unfold and bless my life even now. I highly recommend her for ceremonial and one-on-one healing work. I don’t know anyone quite like her. As a woman, she is beautiful, caring, and insightful. As a healer (Shaman, Curandera, Tabaquiera) she becomes the medicine. I’ve never experienced anything else like it. She’s sees beyond the surface, past the shadows, right to the Heart of truth. She helped me through some extremely intense times, some things that felt insurmountable.. but yet, here I am, happy, free, more integrated, and whole. The power of the medicine channels through her and is a force of love I’ve been blessed to behold. Her songs were exactly the medicine I needed. I’m deeply grateful I was guided to her. I waited 10 years to sit with the medicine, because the medicine guided me that way. When I met her and she opened an Invitation, I knew  immediately this was the one I was waiting for all along. I look forward to future ceremonies with her. She’s a gift to our world and to me."

- Jennifer Little, Licensed Acupuncturist

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