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Through Birth, Breath, Death and Beyond



"It is through life, breath, death and beyond we become aware of that which is not separate but of being one with."


                                                                   ~ The Lights Path

Hello! Welcome to my webpage! My name is Ché and I am a Healer, Death Doula, Psycho-Spiritual Coach, and the Creator of The Lights Path - Through Life, Breath, Death & Beyond. My mission is to facilitate profound transformational shifts, activating your inner-healer and purpose. Utilizing deep listening and energetic grounding, I create a safe and resonant space to hear your soul's voice. With trust and presence, I guide you in accessing your own wisdom. I craft personalized programs with tools to support the integration of your personal power and spiritual growth in your everyday life.


Endowed with the gift of healing from a lineage of healers, I humbly honor and carry forward their teachings through extensive training and life experiences. As a spiritual practitioner, I hold sacred space and connect individuals with their essence, supporting them on their journey of self-discovery. Together, we co-create a resonant field for you to access your deepest truth and inner resources, guiding you through transformational experiences to live a soul-infused life.


My specialties include addressing existential concerns, fear, anxiety, life purpose, relationships, ancestral trauma, grief, and more. I work with various allies and employ techniques such as breathwork, guided meditation, energy work with earth medicines, and plant/tree prayer to facilitate healing and growth.


My dedication lies in empowering individuals to embrace their highest potential and embrace their divine "YES!" to love and transformation.


- Ché 


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