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Psychedelic Integration Specialist

In my experience, the period following a ceremony or a dieta is as crucial as the ceremony itself. It involves assimilating the insights, healing, and teachings received from plant spirits, the universe, and your higher self. This integration process begins immediately after the ceremony and can last for months or even years. Common symptoms during this period include:


- Dormant subconscious information becoming conscious

- Resurfacing of memories stuck in the body

- Deep insights about how to live life

- Feelings of loneliness and isolation transitioning from shamanic work to everyday life

- A gap between spiritual experiences and integrating them into daily life

- Restlessness, anxiety, nightmares, shame, guilt, sadness, feeling stuck, and difficulty making decisions in alignment


My role is to share my experience, offer support, provide context to your process, offer tools, listen with compassion without criticism, and create a safe space to empower you. 


Psychedelic integration coaching process is designed for individuals who have had experiences with psychedelic substances like psilocybin, LSD, or ayahuasca and want to integrate those experiences into their daily lives. The goal is to help you or someone you know understand their psychedelic experiences, process emotions or insights, and apply what they learned moving forward.


These coaching sessions typically involve one-on-one sessions where the specialist helps explore ones' psychedelic experience, emotions, insights, and challenges. The coach also assists in applying lessons from the experience to daily life, potentially including setting goals or making lifestyle changes. Group workshops, online resources, and community support may also be included.


This process focuses on integrating psychedelic experiences, regardless of when they occurred. It involves one-on-one sessions with Ché using coaching techniques, embodiment tools, and psycho-spiritual interventions. The program is tailored to individual needs, allowing for co-creation between Ché and the client. 

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